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#c01: Are there any good hamster books? 

     Yes.  This book list can be considered a partial 
bibliography of this FAQ.  I'd like to credit all writers whose 
information has been borrowed for this FAQ, and would appreciate
help in tracking down sources.  (*) denotes a fictional book. 
*     Baker, Alan. BENJAMIN BOUNCES BACK. Andre Deustch (pub), 
EDUCATED HAMSTER, (illustrated by Terry Riley).  New York: 
Doubleday, 1978. 
      Barrie, A. A STEP BY STEP BOOK ABOUT HAMSTERS.  New Jersey:
TFH Publications, Inc., 1987.  
      Barrie, A. HAMSTERS AS A NEW PET.  New Jersey: TFH 
Publications, Inc. 
*     Blegvad, L. THE GREAT HAMSTER HUNT.  Harcourt, Brace & 
World, 1969. 
*     Brandenberg, Franz. THE HIT OF THE PARTY. Greenwill Books, 
      Fritzsche, H. HAMSTERS.  New York: Barron's Educational 
Series, Inc., 1982. 
*     Giovannetti. MAX. New York: Atheneum, 1977 
Salamander Books. 
*     Lingard, Joan and Jan Lewis. CAN YOU FIND SAMMY THE
HAMSTER? Walker Books, 1990. 
      Mariella Mays. THE PROPER CARE OF HAMSTERS. 
      McKay, J. THE NEW HAMSTER HANDBOOK. United Kingdom. 
      Ostrow, Marshall. BREEDING HAMSTERS. New Jersey: TFH 
Publications, Inc., 1990. 
*     Murschetz, Luis. A HAMSTER'S JOURNEY. 
*     Pouyanne, Resie and Gerda Muller. DODO: LE PETIT HAMSTER. 
      Roberts, M.F. HAMSTERS. New Jersey: TFH Publications, Inc.,
      Vieira, Marcio Infante. HAMSTER CRIACAO E TREINAMENTO. 
Brazil: Press Grafic, 1984. 

#c02: What hamsters play in professional sports?


#c03: What movies have hamsters appeared in? 

      HouseGuest: The character played by Sinbad has a hamster 
named Shaft.  Sinbad brings it to the airport, lets it loose, and
screams that there's a rat on the loose.  A little girl comes and
picks up the hamster. 
      The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane: A 1977 film 
featuring a 15-year-old Jodie Foster playing a girl who is living
alone with her hamster called Gordon.  The hamster eventually 
gets killed by a burning cigarette.  8-( 

#c04: What tv shows have hamsters appeared in? Unfortunately, many references to hamsters on tv are defamatory, or feature hamsters for a very small period of time. Hamsters have appeared in: Kids in the Hall: Two pet hamsters of little kid Gavin seen in background. Late Night with Conan O'Brien: References made to hamsters quite often. The best that I can think of: Andy Richter, the sidekick, brought a hamster up in a blimp to see if it would survive the altitude. It did. The Wonder Years: A hamster was sucked up in a vacuum cleaner. America's Funniest Home Videos: Hamsters appear on this show all the time. Videos have included a yawning hamster, a hamster going under his wheel, and a hamster stuffing Alka- Seltzer Tablets into its cheeks. (The more I think about that, the less it's funny.) Tales from the Riverbank: A show starring a live hamster called "Hammy" and his rodent friends - a guinea pig, mouse, and rat. Originally aired from 1959 to the mid-1980s in Britain and Canada and on German television in the late 1970s as "Hammy Hamster". The show is currently being re-made, and can be seen Friday and Sunday mornings on YTV in Canada. It stars Hammy the Hamster, along with GP the Guinea Pig, Martha Mouse (who used to be Matthew Mouse in the original series), Turtle, Wise Old Frog, and Granny Rabbit with her babies and ducklings and squirrels. Tales of the River Bank (I think it's different from the previous show with a similar title): Ran on the BBC from 1960- 1970, with stories narrated by Johnny Morris. Featured a hamster named Hammie as well as other animals, with all voices performed by Morris. Dangermouse: an animated British tv program, featured Dangermouse (a James Bond-esque character) and a not-so-bright assistant named Penfold (a hamster). They fought a criminal frog named Silas Greenback. The Ren & Stimpy Show: (actual quote!) Dear Dr. Stupid, I've got a pet hamster called Dennis. When I come home from school Dennis is always fast asleep in his little house. It's only at night after I've gone to bed that Dennis comes out, then he climbs into his wheel and starts to trundle around in it for hours. Why? --Gracie Banks, London. What you have here, Gracie is a very rare hamster called the Austrian Rotation Hamster. It's a little known fact that at night the planet Earth starts to slow down. This is because the planet is solar-powered and after eight hours of nighttime the Earth is in danger of stopping completely. So every night after the sun goes down, the Austrian Rotation Hamster wakes up and starts to run around in its wheel. The combined energy produced by these hamster wheels all over the world is enough to keep the Earth spinning all night long! The Cosby Show: Rudy looks after her friend Caroline's pet hamster, Darren. Rudy gets worried that the hamster is sick because it's not running on the wheel. (Her dad says: "The hamster's not sick, he's just smart enough to know that he's not going anywhere on the wheel.") Eventually the hamster dies, Rudy feels horrible so Cliff buys "Darren2". Caroline returns from vacation, and tells Rudy that it's the fifth time one of her hamsters has died while she's been on vacation. Animal Hostpital: From the UK, one episode featured the rescue of a hamster who fell down an external drainpipe, stuck somewhere near the bottom. Rescuers try frightening it out by making noise in the pipe, then try blowing it out with compressed air, then try washing out with water, then decide to take the pipe apart. The hamster is saved, albeit very wet. The Partridge Family: One episode of the 1960's show featured the family hamster having babies. Pinky & The Brain: One episode of this Steven Spielberg tv cartoon about two mice (evil Brain and dumb Pinky) trying to take over the world featured an evil brown hamster that looked like a mobster trying to take over the world. Pinky & The Brain tried to stop him. Mann & Machine: A doctor dies at a cryogenics lab, and during the investigation it is dicovered that the doctor has a hamster named Carlos. Apparantly Carlos was electrocuted at some point, so the doctor wrapped him in tin foil and froze the hamster until it could be buried. However, there was a power outage and the hamster thawed out. Although faint life signs could be detected, the hamster ended up dying. 8-( Hamster TV: We're not sure if this exists any more, but it was a game show where pets and their owners competed in such contests as hamster races, tennis ball catching by dogs, and other competitions. The Young Ones: A tv show out of Britain, it featured a hamster named Special Patrol Group, a tough and coarse Syrian who had a mohawk and spoke with a Scottish accent. This show is being rerun in the United States on Comedy Central. And finally, "Vier gegen Willi": Translated, it's "Four against Willi", a game show from West Germany on ARD. Hosted by German comedian/singer Mike Krueger, two families of four members each would go head to head in competition, taking part in some zany contests, many of which included hamster-related events, such as running around on a giant wheel. It was cancelled after just a few shows, back in 1987. #c05: What Simpsons episodes have hamsters appeared in? "Start Raving Dad": Meditations on Turning Eight, by Lisa Simpson. I had a cat named Snowball -- She died! She died! Mom said she was sleeping -- She lied! She lied! Why oh why is my cat dead? Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead? I had a hamster named Snuffy -- He died... "Bart the Genius": Teacher: [to Bart, with hamster] I wouldn't get too attached, Bart. We're dissecting him next week. Happily, Bart causes an explosion during chemistry call and the hamster escapes during the confusion. "Saturdays of Thunder": Opening chalkboard sequence was "Hamsters cannot fly". "Dog of Death": The vet at Springfield Animal Hospital tries, but fails, to resuscitate a hamster with electrical heart stimulation. Realizing that the patient is lost, he says, "This is the part of the job I hate." He takes the hamster and tosses it into a tiny basketball hoop mounted over the waste basket. "Treehouse of Horror III": On a gravestone in the Pet Cemetery, there's a hamster in an exercise wheel. The next week at church, Bart walks slowly towards the Sunday school room and enters. Teacher: [watching children draw] Good! Very good! Ralph, Jesus did not have wheels. [sees Bart, gasps] Bart Simpson? Bart: Yes, ma'am. I'd like to return to your wonderful Sunday school, please. Teacher: [nervous] Uh, but Bart, we banned you from Sunday school. You were happy, we were happy, everybody was happy-- particularly the hamster. [the hamster sees Bart and cowers] Other episodes (names unknown): Lisa performs a lab experiment comparing the intelligence of Bart to the intelligence of a hamster. The hamster won. In the episode where Montgomery Burns get shot, the school hamster Superdued dies and is buried by Groundskeeper Willie. #c06: What computer games have hamsters appeared in? Day Of The Tentacle: At some point in the game you get a hamster, that can be put into a "hamster generator." The hamster runs in the wheel, producing electricity. A hamster also appears in the introduction to the game, bringing a message to the hero asking for help. Toe Jam & Earl: This Sega Genesis game features hamsters in hamster balls as the bad guys in the game. Players must avoid the hamster ball or get squished. #c07: Are there any other strange places where hamsters have popped up? Comics: BIZARRO: Every once in a while hamsters show up as subject matter in this daily cartoon. ADAM: During the week of July 3, 1995, we see Adam's adventures in buying hamsters for his kids. CALVIN AND HOBBES: One story line featured a hamster named Huey. I believe one of the book anthologies was actually called "Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie." The Adventures of Mayberry Melonopool: a comic series about a five-foot hamster, three aliens, and a telepathic dog. The hamster powers a space ship by running in a big wheel. (It's even online at http://www.users.cts.com/sd/m/mlnpool/) Television News: CNN reported on a play in New York called "Pets" that had a hamster named Pea in it. (Can anybody send my more information about this play??) Newspapers: THE WORLD WEEKLY NEWS: August 1, 1995: _FIREMEN RUSH INTO BURNING HOUSE - TO SAVE PET HAMSTER!_ NICE, France - Heroic firemen risked their lives by rushing into a blazing home - to save a 5-year-old boy's pet hamster! the firefighters then used oxygen and a heart massage to revive Pippi, the beloved pet of little Jean Paul Mannet, who had called the emergency number. Within minutes, the rejuvenated rodent was running around on her wheel again, say officials. In late 1995, the media jumped all over this story: A young boy was bringing his school's golden hamster Sooty(!) back to school after the weekend. The driver of his bus told him he'd have to pay an extra fare for the hamster, which was actually higher than the boy's fare. He couldn't pay the extra fare, so ended up walking to school. A complaint was filed with the bus company, who issued a formal apology, and presented the hamster with a free bus pass. THE OTTAWA CITIZEN: February 2, 1996 _MISSING HAMSTER SURVIVES TWO YEARS INSIDE COUCH_ EDMONTON - Given up for dead more than two years ago, it turns out Hammie the Hamster had carved outa home of his own in the family sofa the whole time. The resilient rodent lived off scraps and apparantly snuck out at night to drink from the cat's water dish. "We lost him two year and four months ago to be exact," a flabbergasted Cathy Cummings said. "We've moved twice since then." On Tuesday, Cummings noticed what appeared to be a urine stain under the sofa and decided to investigate. "I ripped open the couch and sure enough, it was in there," said Cummings. Magazines: Wild About Animals: The May, 1996 edition had a feature on how to keep hamsters happy, and make their cage interesting. It's published by the Gong Publishing Hroup, based in the UK. Der Spiegel: this German magaizine had an article about the survival problem of hamsters in Germany after the unification, as well as the European Union's sponsoring of hamster friendly farming. I have no idea what problems hamsters would have during unification, or what hamster friendly farming is. I would love to read that article. Calendars: Janet E. Osborne's hamster Nell will appear as September's animal in a Humane Society calendar. I think it's a 1996 calendar. #c08: Are there any songs about hamsters? Weird Al Yankovik: "Attack of the Radioactive Hamster from a Planet Near Mars", on the UHF soundtrack. Weird Al Yankovick: "Harvey the Wonder Hamster": "Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the Wonder Hamster He doesn't bite He doesn't squeal He just runs around on his hamster wheel Harvey, Harvey, Harvey The Wonder Hamster HEY HARVEY!" etc, etc, etc Simon & Garfunkel: In the song "At The Zoo", there's the line "And hamsters turn on frequently." Jimmy Buffett: "Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost", from the album "Fruitcakes": "I was never ever frightened By the murderer on our block He nurtured orchids and raised hamsters The neighborhood is still in shock" Sesame Street: From "The Muppet Alphabet Album" (don't ask why I was listening to this), the song for the letter 'H' features the verse: "A hamster ate a hankerchief, a hammer and a hoe; He ate a hundred herring and a hawk who said hello. This hamster ate a big hotel, a house, and then a log, And then he got the hiccups and turned into a hog. I remember reading something about a Smashing Pumpkins reference to hamsters. Can anybody help? Several of the members of this groups have written others: Tofu H. Puppicus writes: Mahatma Mahatma shake your little tail Mahatma Mahatma shake your little tail Wrinkle up your little nose Stick it in between your toes Mahatma Mahatma shake your little tail (Poppicus adds: "It's not really MY hamster song, because I stole it from a song bout squirrels, but I like to sing it to my hamster when he's going to bed at night...") I have written one about my hamster: She's a hamster, named Lister. If I'd brought her to the party she'd have kicked your ass at twister. She's Lister, the hamster. And if you ask me bud, she's a darn good dancer. I left her standing at my door, And then she systematically ripped up my floor!! She's Lister, the hamster. Ask her any question, and she'll know the answer. She's a hamster, named Lister. Better watch what you're doin' or she'll get you, mister! (Basically it works with anything that rhymes with hamster/Lister. It's a show tune, originally intended for my musical about hamsters, but I ran out of ideas.) David Bolger has penned "The Hamsterdam National Anthem", which is sung to the tune of the Irish national anthem: Sunflower Seeds we eat... We really like them salted... We also like sugar beat... But not as much as the seeds. Chorus: Oh Hamsterdam, my home, Where I can freely Ro-am, How I really like thee, Oh Hamsterdam, my home. While running in our balls, We always run into things, Especially 'to walls, Because They are So Hard. (Chorus) We always live alone, Yes, alone in solitude, We fight with our Hammy neighbours, Because they are a threat to us.... (Chorus) #c09: Are there any poems about hamsters? Yes... and most of them are originals written by readers of alt.pets.hamsters. John Morgan sends along a poem written by his guinea pig Piggywig in honor of a Russian Dwarf Hamster named Minsk, the World's Meanest Hamster: To Minsk, the Meanest Hamster I Know A hamster is a curious beast of cunning and of guile a fearless, brave conquistador when trav'ling in her ball. A hamster likes to motor on and look not where she goes. No piggy caution shall she take propelled by furry toes. To ram the wall--a jarring thud-- gives hamsters great delight, then realigned, a new course set, move on without respite. A hamster is a fearsome beast: agile, quick, and stout. All piggies keep a watchful eye when hamsters are about. (Excerpted from Tomato Leaves and Other Notions of Love, Cavy Press, 1995.) David Bolger also sent me the following songs/poems: "My Favourite Hamster" There's a Hamster in my bedroom. He lives beside my bed. He is my favourite hamster - I call him Hamster Fred. He's the friendliest of hamsters. He's funny and he's kind. But when I try to look for him, He is very hard to find. I love my little Hamster, He's really good as gold, It's never really his fault, That he won't do as he's told. He likes to wash behind his ears. And loves to stay up late. But no-one thinks he naughty, They all think he's great! "The Hamster Sale" There was a Hamster sale last week - I really wanted one - But they must have sold them all, For every one was gone. But then I saw behind some crates, A Hamster oh so sad. So I emptied out my purse, To see how much I had. 'That's just enough', the man told me. 'The Price is very cheap, because he has but one eye', Which made the Hamster weep. 'Is he food for the cat?', he asked, But I answered, 'No!' I took the Hamster by the claw and said, 'It's time to go.' Andrea Sigler wrote "In Hamster Heaven" (based on "In Flander's Fields) after her hamster Dodger passed away: In loving memory of Dodger In Hamster Heaven the hamsters roam, Among the sunflowers row on row, That mark their place up in the sky, Where little hamster angels fly, Quite missed by human friends below. My Dodger died short days ago, He ran in his wheel, to and fro, Loved and was loved, And now he plays in Hamster Heaven. Take a young hamster into your home, To you, from Hamster Heaven we throw, The torch of Hamsterity,hold it high, For if you deny those new alive,' We shall not play, though sunflowers grow, In Hamster Heaven. Felix D'Caprio has posted several poems to alt.pets.hamsters about his hamster Frankenstein: "The Last Hunt" Frankenstein is quiet tonight, his thoughts Drawn down to whisker or two. No noise from the wheel, no squeak or pause To punctuate the night -- no appetite. His heat turned inward -- his core aflame For what do we know of death? That can be set aside for a few quick bites Of an apple -- tired and all this for what? Later he staggers in darkness -- a last Hunt for the mystery beyond his whiskers. "Night Hunt" Asleep in nest of chewed fiber he dreams of bits of corn and seed -- ancestral dreams of dark tunnels and storerooms filled with winter's grain. Emerging into cool night air to hunt and roam in furtive fear, danger surrounds, but delicate five-toed feet sense minute vibration. His being honed by a million generations of experience, knows the calculated risk of all outside things unseen until too late, but betrayed by scent, sound and vibration. Awake for the hunt and run down paths of survival with heart pounding intensity to pause, catch breath, listen and smell. Pouches stuffed with farm grown plunder and back to burrow of contentment. Seven thousand paces while sun is down exploring the universe of night. Sometimes the moon glistens his fur, groomed to perfection of warmth and pride over sensual skin and sinewy muscle. The moon goddess of night ever changing -- dangerous glow that glistens the fur in leaf shrouded path. Better to wait, wait for the dark -- deep dark secret of night. "Frankenstein" They call me Frankenstein but I am what I am small, fast and very smart I live for the night and I love to run just for fun run fun, run fun eat sleep, eat sleep Four knives up front below my snout my snout, my snout the finest there is all is foretold by my snout He comes with his smell almost every night and pulls me up to his warm pounding chest My knives are ready and he knows it. I squiggle, I squirm I burrow and turn I am what I am as always She comes in the day when I sleep, a different smell that I smell with my snout. Her touch is pure of someone who knows the joy I have of living Run fun, run fun eat sleep, eat sleep They call me Frankenstein but I am what I am small, fast and very smart #c10: Do you know anything about the hamster greeting cards? There is a series of greeting cards called "Harbottle & Co.", produced by Gordan Fraser and designed by Peter Cross. Each card features Harbottle the hamster and his friends. There's an environmental theme, as evidenced by the passage on the back of the card: "Harbottle the Hamster, like us, cares about the environment. Every greetings card he chews up is stored in his large cheek pouches, before being recycled into a manageable pulp which he uses to insulate his nest." For more info, phone: UK: (+44)1234 272800 US: (203)426-8174 #c11: Is there any ASCII hamster art? Yes, from Dawn Williams... ,~~v~~, ,'. .', === + === / ~ \ /\_m m_/\ .\ /. / \ / \ `\m/ \m/' ...and from L. Adam Dawson who drew a potrait of his hamster Kurt: |\__/| /o=o'`. {o__, \ / . . ) ) `-` '-' \` .( _( )' '---.~_ _ _| #c12: I heard a rumour that hamsters might be bears... Dr. Ivor Harfbrayne of Llantrisant University, England has recently published a paper in 'Small Animal Physiology Journal' which finally proves what all hamster owners have suspected: hamsters are actually a kind of bear! The comparisons are obvious once they are pointed out: Both are brown and furry Both stand on their hind legs Both hibernate Both can be vicious if provoked Both are solitary Note that in the June 16, 1995 issue of Science, the cover story is about a suggested evolution path from hamster to rabbit to bear to monkey to human, based on studies of the brain. Hmmm... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Please read Part One and Part Two of this FAQ! Maintained by Glen Gower (ax611@freenet.carleton.ca) This FAQ may be copied freely, as long as you don't modify it or charge money for it. Let me know if you keep it on a web site or are posting it to other newsgroups. [End of Hamster FAQ Part 3]

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