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Here's Part One of the alt.pets.hamsters FAQ, posted on an 
irregular basis along with Part Two and Part Three. 
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Unless otherwise stated, everything in this FAQ has been taken 
from messages in the alt.pets.hamsters newsgroup, or from my own
mailbox.  Whenever possible, information from publications has 
been acknowledged, with original authors credited.  Standard 
disclaimers apply. 
(With this issue comes a massive revamp of the FAQ to try to cut
down on it's size and make it more readable.) 

  a1: What is alt.pets.hamsters?  Why is there a FAQ? 
  a2: Has alt.pets.hamsters been mentioned in the media? 
  a3: Are there any hamster web sites? 
  a4: Where else can I find hamster information? 
  a5: Do you have any info about hamster associations?
  a6: Thanks and acknowledgements. 
  b01: Do you know anything about the history of hamsters? 
  b02: Where do hamsters get their names from? 
  b03: What is the life span of a hamster? 
  b04: Should I buy a hamster or a gerbil? 
  b05: What are the different breeds of hamsters that exist? 
  b06: Are there any places that don't allow hamsters?
  b07: What should I use for bedding? 
  b08: What do hamsters like (and not like) to eat? 
  b09: What do hamsters like to drink? 
  b10: Should I be cleaning my hamster? 
  b11: Do hamsters get lonely? 
  b12: Can I brush/comb my hamster's hair? 
  b13: Is it safe to cut my hamster's claws? 
  b14: How can I keep my hamster healthy? 
  b15: My hamster looks like he's sick - what should I do? 
  b16: The vet has prescribed medicine... how do I administer it?
  b17: Why does my hamster sleep all day? 
  b18: Do hamsters hibernate? 
  b19: What if my hamster gets fleas? 
  b20: What should I do if I find bugs in the hamster food? 
  b21: Yuck.  Should my hamster be eating his poop? 
  b22: Jeepers!  My hamster has escaped!  Help me! 
  b23: My hamster is having babies!  What should I do? 
  b24: My hamster's dead.  What can I do? 
  b25: How can I tame my hamster? 
  b26: What are the two symmetrical spots on the hamster's sides? 
  b27: Do hamsters really like those balls? 
  b28: How can I interpret the hamster's body language? 
  b29: Why shouldn't I use the microwave to dry off my hamster? 
  b30: Do hamsters make noise? 
  b31: Do hamsters have souls? 
  b32: Can I travel with my hamster? 
  b33: How can I stop the wheel from squeaking!!?? 
  b34: Can I let my hamster swim? 
  b35: Is it safe for my hamster to jump off the table like that? 
  c01: Are there any good hamster books? 
  c02: What hamsters play in professional sports?
  c03: What movies have hamsters appeared in? 
  c04: What tv shows have hamsters appeared in? 
  c05: What Simpsons episodes have hamsters appeared in? 
  c06: What computer games have hamsters appeared in? 
  c07: Are there any other strange places where hamsters have 
popped up? 
  c08: Are there any songs or poems about hamsters? 
  c09: Do you know anything about the hamster greeting cards? 
  c10: Is there any ASCII hamster art? 
  c11: I heard a rumour that hamsters might be bears...
#a1: What is alt.pets.hamsters? Why is there a FAQ? The newsgroup, alt.pets.hamsters, is devoted to discussion about hamsters. It has been up and running since mid-October 1994. In late 1995, a vote to rename the newsgroup under the rec.pets.* heirarchy failed, although there are rumblings that the name change will be tried again in the future. This newsgroup is **ONLY** for the discussion of things that are hamster related, no matter how vaguely. Post your hamster problems, solutions, questions, stories, ideas, hamster names... whatever. There are other newsgroups for gerbils, rats, mice, ferrets, budgies, etc... This FAQ is an electronic source guide for information on hamsters. It's not really a list of answers to "frequently asked questions" it's more of a compendium of the information that passes through the group. I hope you have a sense of humour. The FAQ comes in three parts. The first deals with the administrative side of things - a table of contents, info about the newsgroup and FAQ, pointers to other sources of information, and other stuff. Part two deals with care for your hamster. The third part is my favorite, and is full of hamster trivia and interesting information. The three parts of the FAQ are always posted together every week or two to alt.pets.hamsters. The most up-to-date version of the FAQ is always available from my web site. See the top of the FAQ for more info. Several hamster home pages feature the FAQ as well. Check out question #a3. If you have the FAQ on your webpage and you'd like to recieve updates of the FAQ, drop me a note an I'll put you on my mailing list. #a2: Has alt.pets.hamsters been mentioned in the media? Issue 13 of .net magazine (December 1995) gave a sample of the newsgroup on page 66: "My hamster is 14 months old and has just started losing his hair above one of his eyes. Is he getting old or should I be worried?" #a3: Are there any hamster web sites? There are dozens and dozens of hamster websites. They come and go at such a rapid pace that I can hardly keep up with them any more. Instead of listing them all, here are the addresses of the two best hamster pages I have ever seen. Both of them contain copies of this FAQ. The Hamster Page contains links to every hamster page known to exist - everything from pages with hamster pictures to pages with medical experiments involving hamsters, You can find it at: http://www.tela.bc.ca/hamster/ Although Fluff Hamster has passed away, owner Jonathan A. Gwyer still maintains Fluff's comprehensive hamster HomeCage (yes, homeCAGE) at: http://www.demon.co.uk/webweave/fluff If anyone finds more sites that are more comprehensive than these ones, please let me know. 8-) #a4: Where else can I find hamster information? If you are a CompuServe user, check out the small mammals section of the Animals Forum. I'm told the FAQ is there, and there's always a good discussion going about our furry little friends. At one point this FAQ was going to be translated into Japanese for hamster owners in Japan. I'm not sure if this ever happened, or even if the FAQ is still being posted somewhere if it did. Various other FAQs are referenced throughout this FAQ as sources for more information where I don't want to get too specific (The Breeder's FAQ and the Safe Bedding FAQ, for example). You'll have to read through this FAQ and find them for yourself. Part three of the FAQ lists some books, magazines, and hamster associations that might contain more information about hamsters. I think you'll find that this FAQ is pretty darn comprehensive in tackling the fascinating topic of hamsters. #a5: Do you have any info about hamster associations? Svenska Hamsterforeningen (The Swedish Hamster Foundation) is a national club with about 100 members. Their magazine, "Gnagarbladet" is published on a bi-monthly basis. Their address is: Svenska Hamsterforeningen c/o Agneta Lonnquist Vitmarav.9 S-194 60 Upplands Vasby, Sweden They have a home page at: http://www.stud.mdh.se/~ltd92fsk/clubs/shf.html The British Hamster Association prints up a journal on a bi-monthly basis. Their address is: British Hamster Association P.O. Box 825 Sheffield S17 3RU United Kingdom. The National Hamster Council (formed in 1949) prints up a monthly journal with information from its affiliated clubs, The Northern Hamster Club, The MIdland Hamster Club, and The South of England Hamster Club. Contact Peter Logsdailat at: tvhams@globalnet.co.uk or write to: National Hamster Council P.O. Box 154 Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 OFL United Kingdom The South of England Hamster Club (affiliated with the National Hamster Council) serves hamster lovers in southern England. They host hamster shows every couple of months, and membership in the club gets you several hamster periodicals. The club also offers a breeders register, detaling all club breeders of pedigree hamsters. On request, they can provide you with comprehensive breeding/genetics information. Contact the club secretaries, Adrian Dornford-Smith & Rachel Cooper at: The South of England Hamster Club 25 Bulls Copse Lane Horndean, Waterlooville, Hants England, PO8 9QX Phone: (+44)1705 594589 or (+44)171 737 4066. E-mail: soehc@ri.ac.uk #a6: Thanks and acknowledgements. Thanks to all the contributors of the newsgroup, especially: Felix D'Caprio (jqf@emf.net) Glenn Chappell (ggc@uiuc.edu) Deanne (deanne@forfood.com) Sandy Green (sgreen@usit.net) Jonathan A. Gwyer (jon@jagnet.demon.co.uk) Felix Hammann (100540.3361@CompuServe.COM) Fluff Hamster (fluff@jagnet.demon.co.uk) Julian Hayward (julian@ratbag.demon.co.uk) Steve Hyman (hyman@tenet.edu) Angela King (udty075@bay.cc.kcl.ac.uk) Peter Logsdail (tvhams@globalnet.co.uk) Nils Magnus (magnus@informatik.uni-kl.de) Eric Prouty (EProuty@aol.com) Lynne Regina (lynne@grfn.org) Larry Roa (larryroa@rci.ripco.com) Candace Rutar (crutar@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca) Dawn Williams au266@freenet.carleton.ca ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Please read Part Two and Part Three of this FAQ! Maintained by Glen Gower (ax611@freenet.carleton.ca) This FAQ may be copied freely, as long as you don't modify it or charge money for it. Let me know if you keep it on a web site or are posting it to other newsgroups. [End of Hamster FAQ Part 1]

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