[excess that only the internet can provide]
[a chin] by Glen Gower    

I'm sick of 100K jpegs of Matt Damon. I'm tired of Janet Jackson's face tiled onto backgrounds. I don't want to read about your "wish lists", and I don't care about your blurry concert photos.

I have a theory that it's not viruses or junk mail that's clogging the web, it's just the thousands and thousands of pathetic fans that visit these pathetic sites, downloading each Backstreet Boys pic one-by-one.

Every few weeks, we give out awards to the most excessive, embarrassing fan sites on the web ... and there are a lot of them.

On to the sites...
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Shift Magazine Shift Magazine has named Obsessive Fan Sites one of 100 best websites of 1999. We won in the "time-wasters" category.
Click here for details.

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