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Some of these files come from sites like The Ottawa Citizen Online or Canoe, and others have been typed in by me. If you have any other files to add, e-mail me at dief@ottawastart.com.

[Dief Icon] Mrs. Diefenbaker's Chicken Salad. Chatelaine.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker Book List. From the Diefenbaker Centre.
[Dief Icon] Important dates in John Diefenbaker's Life. The Diefenbaker Centre.
[Dief Icon] Important dates during John Diefenbaker's term as Prime Minister, 1957-1963.. The Diefenbaker Centre.
[Dief Icon] John G. Diefenbaker and John F. Kennedy. Colombo's Canadian Quotations.
[Dief Icon] Picks of the Week. Yahoo! Canada.
[Dief Icon] I AM A CANADIAN. Liner notes from the record.
Alberta Report
[Dief Icon] The Arrow myth still flies. August 12, 1996.
Calgary Sun
[Dief Icon] Scrapping the Arrow made good sense.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
[Dief Icon] The Last Best Dief. July 1997.
[Dief Icon] The Tenth Decade. CBC Television Series 1952 to 1982.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker "Live" on Newsworld. Double Exposure.
Financial Post
[Dief Icon] Historical drama fuelled by myth, not reality. January 18, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Avro Arrow replica wrecked. January 30, 1997.
Hill Times
[Dief Icon] The bunker bites the dust. January 15, 1996.
[Dief Icon] Finally, respect on the Internet. June 22, 1998.
[Dief Icon] The Mail (Letters to the Editor). January 27, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Historians rank the BEST AND WORST Canadian Prime Ministers. April 21, 1997.
Ottawa Citizen
[Dief Icon] Dief disliked labelling that goes with hyphenation. June 11, 1998.
[Dief Icon] Press Releases. September 22, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Letters to the Editor. January 14, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Hyped Arrow myth obscures aerospace success. January 12, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Letters to the Editor. March 3, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Dief 'didn't destroy Arrow'. February 2, 1998.
[Dief Icon] Israel's violent pacifists. November 20, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbenders. April 17, 1996.
[Dief Icon] Liberal legend served three PMs. November 15, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Federal smart cards: privacy vs. savings. February 1, 1997.
[Dief Icon] PMs' cards have politics written all over them. December 23, 1996.
[Dief Icon] Elegant boutique closes after 30 years. October 4, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Obituary - George Hees. June 13, 1996.
Ottawa Sun
[Dief Icon] Shooting down the Arrow myth. January 26, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Grits said Dief was crazy too. August, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Long-lost Avro engines resurface in Ottawa. October 21, 1998.
[Dief Icon] Arrow That Doesn't Fly. January 27, 1997.
Today's Seniors
[Dief Icon] Nobody's fool. June, 1996.
Toronto Star
[Dief Icon] The Chief is back! November 10, 1996.
[Dief Icon] It's déjà for loonie lamentations.. August 2, 1998.
Toronto Sun
[Dief Icon] Group Of Four create rock art. March 28, 1996.
The Vanguard
[Dief Icon] PM misses visit to MHS. November, 1996.
The Windsor Star
[Dief Icon] Search to begin for Avro Arrow models. August 10, 1998.

Last updated: October 21, 1998.

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