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Here's a list of all of the pictures of Diefenbaker that are used on this web site. Most of them come from books about Diefenbaker, a few are from other web sites, some are from newspapers and magazines, and there are a few taken by friends and family. Pictures from other sites are listed on the Pictures page. If you have any pictures of Diefenbaker Web, I'd love to see them, and perhaps include them on the site. Also, if you need more information on any of the pictures here, drop me a note.

[Dief Icon] A 1980 stamp honouring Dief.
[Dief Icon] Dief with former speaker Lucien Lamoureux.
[Dief Icon] A political cartoon by Cam.
[Dief Icon] A political cartoon by Sue Dewar.
[Dief Icon] The day they took the Chief to a ballgame.
[Dief Icon] Map of the University of Saskatchewan campus.
[Dief Icon] The Diefenbaker Home.
[Dief Icon] A statue of Diefenbaker and Laurier, and a plaque describing the statue.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker's gravesite, and a marker at the site.
[Dief Icon] Dief's dishes, Dief's hats, Dief's fire chief hat, Dief's notebook, Dief's plates, and Dief's suits.
[Dief Icon] A bookshelf at the Diefenbaker Centre Archives.
[Dief Icon] The exhibit hall of the Diefenbaker Centre.
[Dief Icon] The exterior of the Diefenbaker Centre in Saskatoon.
[Dief Icon] The Privy Chamber.
[Dief Icon] The Prime Minister's Office: pmo1, pmo2, pmo3, and pmo4.
[Dief Icon] Campaign posters: poster1, poster2, poster3, poster4, poster5, and poster6.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker signing something.
[Dief Icon] A mock-up of Canada's new Sin Cards.
[Dief Icon] The Avro Arrow.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker's Cabinet.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker and his dog. (Probably McAndy.)
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker and Olive, and their dog.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker, the dog from Due South.
[Dief Icon] An angry-looking Diefenbaker.
[Dief Icon] Dief's head.
[Dief Icon] Dief's head, animated.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker in the opposition.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker with a catch of salmon.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker, the angel.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker in the House of Commons.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker with native headdress.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker blowing bagpipes.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker giving a campaign speech (I think).
[Dief Icon] A proud scot.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker giving a speech.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker, stressed-out.

Last updated: August 31, 1998.

   Dief Pick: [Dief's head]
See a picture of the Diefenbuck, Canada's 92.5 cent dollar.

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—John Diefenbaker

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