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Dief in the House of Commons, 1970's.

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  • From: Brian Beaucage

    Just like to let you know, I believe that "two Iroquis" engines from the Arrow reside in Thunder Bay at the Ontario Hydro Thermal plant here. I may be wrong, but I thought you would like to chase this up. I worked at this plant in the early 80's during an extension contract and seem to recall these engines being used for additional power requirements in the winter.

  • From: Norman J. Williamson

    For the hell of it, more or less, I have written every Prime Minister of Canada since Uncle Louis John D. was the only one who answered himself, or herself. And I mean answered.

  • From: R K Henderson

    I can't help but wonder, now that Canada has officially sold itself to the US, what might have happened to Brian Mulreagan's FTA dreams if The Chief had still been around and able to defend himself. Canada has got to be the only nation on Earth where a leader who puts the interests of his own nation before those of others is painted as a buffoon.

    Today, when our assets are shipped to a foreign nation on the NAFTA Express, leaving our people without jobs or in menial ones, and when so many Canadians fiddle while a vital segment of our people makes its mind up to join that foreign nation independently, rather than with the rest of us, Diefenbaker looms large over the gutless wonders who sold us out, and continue to do so every day.

    I'd rather draw my salary in Diefenbucks than Yankee bucks any day.

  • From: Jean Emery

    La trahison est le plus grand crime qu'un citoyen puisse commetre, car il le fait en toute conscience, d'une seule décision, il a anéanti tout le progrès d'un peuple. Ceci se passait le 20 février 1959, l'anniversaire de ma naissance, d'ici ma mort je mettrais tous les efforts pour qu'un jour, ce 20 février soit un Blue Sky Friday with an Arrow flying throught it.

  • From: Chad Niedzielski

    Dief was a liar and a political saboteur, who wanted nothing but left wing communistic surrender. I have only begun to divulge into the facets of this legend, and I am already disgusted with the lies and convergence on the fact that this plane had nothing to offer. Is that why NASA and many other major manufacture's scooped up the Canadian engineers? Is it why America still uses the knowledge it took from us that day to build it's aircraft, and flight models for the hover craft, and Lunar Excursion Module? Is it why anybody still continues to build aircraft in the first place?

    Advanced Tactical Fighters have played the most influential role in the last fifty years. Without them countries would fall, and others would rise. A great balance was offset that day the Arrow went down, and I hope nobody ever forgets the fact that Dief destroyed the potential of Canada when he destroyed that aircraft. Which shouldn't even be considered a plane. Because it was so much more.

  • From: dinkeldorf5@geocities.com

    I disagree with almost everything on this site, in my opinion Diefenbaker was the worst prime minister of Canada and was a disgrace to the country. I'd like it if you could name one good thing he did in the best interest of Canada, I'll be surprised if you find anything. I am particularly angry about the information this page has on the Arrow, most of it is scepticism and lies. I suggest that everyone should read the article section and find even one contradictory article listed. I found none, is that a coincidence or is that bias?

  • From: Paul Long

    While I was never a supporter of The Chief I still respected him. Where are the politicians today of that ethical standard? I also disagreed with his position on the Arrow but believe that he acted out of a sincere conviction on what was right for Canadians. Congratulations on the balance shown in your pages on the Arrow - you respect your readers' intellegence to make up their own minds by giving them access to both sides of the story.

[Dief's Head]

These letters are only a sampling of the feedback received. The most interesting letters have been posted. To send your thoughts, e-mail dief@ottawastart.com.

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Last updated: June 28, 1999.

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