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Diefenbaker Book List

This list is based on the Diefenbaker Canada Centre's Select Bibliography of Books Pertaining to John Diefenbaker, available on the web at http://www.usask.ca/diefenbaker/bk.html

Three great places to find new Dief books online are Chapters, Indigo, and Amazon.com.

You can find some used books about Diefenbaker at the Advanced Book Exchange. Just do a search for "Diefenbaker", and see what turns up.

If you know of a good book to add to this list, e-mail dief@ottawastart.com, or visit the Feedback page for other ways to get in touch.

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Bothwell, Robert, et al. Canada Since 1945: Power, Politics and Provincialism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1981.

[Dief Icon] Coates, Robert C. The Knight of the Knives. Fredericton: Brunswick Press, 1969.
[Dief Icon] Conrad, Margaret. George Nowlan: Maritime Conservative in National Politics. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1986.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker, John G. One Canada.(3 vols.) Toronto: Macmillan, 1972.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker, John. G. These Things We Treasure; a selection of speeches on freedom and defence of our parliamentary heritage. Toronto: Macmillan, 1972.
[Dief Icon] Diefenbaker, John G. The Wit and Wisdom of John Diefenbaker.
[Dief Icon] Flemming, Donald M. So Very Near: The Political Memoirs of the Hon. Donald Flemming. Vol. 1, The Rising Years. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart.
[Dief Icon] Gabriel, Solomon. Foreign policy of Canada : a study in Diefenbaker's years.
[Dief Icon] Gingras, Marcel. Diefenbaker et le Canada francais. Vanier, Ontario: Les Editions L'Interligne, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Granatstein, Jack. Canada 1957-1967: The Years of Uncertainty and Innovation. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1986.
[Dief Icon] Grant, George S. Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1982.
[Dief Icon] Holt, Simma. The Other Mrs. Diefenbaker: A Biography of Edna Mae Brower. Toronto: Doubleday, 1982.
[Dief Icon] Johnston, James. The Party's Over. Don Mills: Longman Canada, 1971.
[Dief Icon] Kuch, P. "Dief." the Incredible Chief...; A Quarter of a Century of Following the Right Honourable John Diefenbaker with an Editorial Cartoonist's Pen. Winnipeg: 1977.
[Dief Icon] Kyba, Patrick. Alvin: A Bibliography of the Hon. Alvin Hamilton, P.C. Regina: Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1989.
[Dief Icon] McIlroy, Thad. (ed.) Personal Letters of a Public Man: The Family Letters of John G. Diefenbaker. Toronto: Doubleday, 1985.
[Dief Icon] McLin, Jon B. Canada's Changing Defense Policy, 1957-1963: The Problems of a Middle Power in Alliance. Baltimore: John Hopkins Press, 1967.
[Dief Icon] Meisel, John. The Canadian General Election of 1957. Toronto: University of Toronto Pres, 1962.
[Dief Icon] Munro, John A. (ed.) The Wit and Wisdom of John Diefenbaker. Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers, 1982.
[Dief Icon] Nash, Knowlton. Kennedy and Diefenbaker: Fear and Loathing Across an Undefended Border. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1990.
[Dief Icon] Newman, Peter C. The Distemper of Our Times. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1968.
[Dief Icon] Newman, Peter C. Renegade in Power: The Diefenbaker Years. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1963.
[Dief Icon] Nicholson, Patrick. Vision and Indecision: Diefenbaker and Pearson. Don Mills: Longmans, 1968.
[Dief Icon] O'Sullivan, Sean. Both My Houses: From Politics to Priesthood. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1986
[Dief Icon] Pickersgill, J.W. The Road Back.Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1986.
[Dief Icon] Reeves-Stevens, Garfield. Diefenbaker : Remembering the Chief. 1985.
[Dief Icon] Regenstreif, Samuel Peter. The Diefenbaker interlude : parties and voting in Canada, an interpretation. Toronto, Longmans Canada, 1965. More information.
[Dief Icon] Richardson, B.T. Canada and Mr. Diefenbaker.Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1962.
[Dief Icon] Robinson, H. Basil. Diefenbaker's World: A Populist in Foreign Affairs. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1989.
[Dief Icon] Saywell, John T. Canadian Annual Review. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Volumes from 1960 to date.
[Dief Icon] Sevigny, Pierre. This Game of Politics. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1965.
[Dief Icon] Smith, Denis. Rogue Tory: The Life and Legend of John G. Diefenbaker. Toronto: Macfarlane, Walter and Ross, 1995. More information.
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Spencer, Dick. Trumpets and Drums: John Diefenbaker on the Campaign Trail. Toronto: Douglas & McIntyre, 1994.

[Dief Icon] Stephenson, Garth. The Politics of Canada's Airlines from Diefenbaker to Mulroney 1987.
[Dief Icon] Stursberg, Peter. Diefenbaker: Leadership Gained, 1956-1962. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1975.
[Dief Icon] Stursberg, Peter. Diefenbaker: Leadership Lost, 1962-1967. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1976.
[Dief Icon] Weir, Carolyn. The right honourable John George Diefenbaker : a pictorial tribute.
[Dief Icon] Van Dusen, Thomas. The Chief. Toronto: McGraw Hill, 1968.
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Wente, Margaret, ed. "I never say anything provocative." Toronto: Peter Martin Assocaites LImited, 1975. Quotes from this book.

[Dief Icon] Wilson, Garrett and Kevin Wilson. Diefenbaker for the Defence. Toronto: James Lorimar and Co., 1988.
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