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These links include newspaper and magazine articles, biographies and stories, and other information about John G. Diefenbaker.

[Dief Icon] It's déjà for loonie lamentations. The Toronto Star, August 2, 1998. All about the Diefenbuck.
[Dief Icon] Canada's Flag: A Search for a Country. From a book by John Ross Matheson.
[Dief Icon] Elegant boutique closes after 30 years. The Ottawa Citizen, October 4, 1997. "Mr. Diefenbaker used to call himself and say, 'I am sending Olive and the secretary over, I want you to be sure to find her quite a few outfits because we are going on a trip.' "
[Dief Icon] Dief disliked labelling that goes with hyphenation. The Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 1998. A letter to the editor.
[Dief Icon] The Last Best Dief. Newsworld Online, July 1997. How the War Measures crisis made Larry Zolf fall in love with Dief.
[Dief Icon] PMs' cards have politics written all over them. The Ottawa Citizen, December 23, 1996. Lots here about Olive and John's greeting cards.
[Dief Icon] Federal smart cards: privacy vs. savings. The Ottawa Citizen, February 1, 1997. "The worst fears of John Diefenbaker were sealed into envelopes and shipped to the provinces."
[Dief Icon] Grits said Dief was crazy too. The Ottawa Sun, August 1997. Written after the news of the psychological profile of Bouchard came out.
[Dief Icon] The bunker bites the dust. The Hill Times, January 15, 1996. All about the Diefenbunker in Carp, Ontario. It's a bomb shelter nicknamed after Dief. See also the Diefenbunker Web Site.
[Dief Icon] The Chief is back! The Toronto Star, November 10, 1996. This article is mostly about a guy who looks alot like Dief.
[Dief Icon] PM Misses Visit to Merivale. The Vanguard, November 1996. Chretien was supposed to visit Merivale High School in late 1996. Diefenbaker visited twice...
[Dief Icon] The Tenth Decade. A CBC series about Canadian politics. A lot about the conflict between Dief and Pearson.
[Dief Icon] Nobody's Fool. Today's Seniors, June 1996. An article about Dalton Camp's efforts to replace Dief as leader of the Tories.

Last updated: August 10, 1998.

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See a picture of the Diefenbuck, Canada's 92.5 cent dollar.

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