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The Avro Arrow.

[The Avro Arrow.]

"Some people talk about courage. Well, we took a stand in reference to the 'Arrow.' No one wanted to take that stand.... As I look back on it, I think it was one of the decisions that was right. Here was an instrument beautiful in appearance, powerful, a tribute to Canadian production.... This instrument that was otherwise beautiful, magnificent in its concept, would have contributed little, in the changing order of things, to our national defence."
- January 25, 1963, House of Commons.

Sure, Diefenbaker's government canned the project, but it was doomed under any government. Nevertheless, it remains one of the more controversial subjects surrounding Diefenbaker. Diefenbaker was clear on why cancelled the Arrow project: read some of his quotes on the Avro Arrow. Canadians are pretty clear on what they think of the decision: read some of their comments on the Feedback page. Some of these links are presented for an alternative viewpoint on the demise of the Avro Arrow.

[Dief Icon] Long-lost Avro engines resurface in Ottawa. Ottawa Sun, October 21, 1998. 'National treasures' found gathering dust at National Research Council
[Dief Icon] Search to begin for Avro Arrow models Windsor Star, August 10, 1998. A group is going to retrieve several models of the Arrow from the bottom of Lake Ontario.
[Dief Icon] Univeristy of Vicotira Special Collections: George R. Pearkes. He was Minister of Defence in Dief's cabinet. He was involved in the cancellation of the Arrow.
[Dief Icon] Dief 'didn't destroy Arrow'. Eccentric A.V. Roe boss had planes scapped, ex-minister says. The Ottawa Citizen, February 2, 1998.
[Dief Icon] Terminal Avro Arrow Obsession Syndrome Support Group.
[Dief Icon] Historical drama fuelled by myth, not reality. The Financial Post, January 18, 1997. If your negative opinion on Dief is based on the Arrow crisis, you should read this article!
[Dief Icon] Hyped Arrow myth obscures aerospace success. Ottawa Citizen, January 12, 1997
[Dief Icon] Shooting down the Arrow myth. The Ottawa Sunday Sun, January 26, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Scrapping the Arrow made good sense. The Calgary Sun.
[Dief Icon] Letters to the Editor. Ottawa Citizen, January 14, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Letters to the Editor. Maclean's, January 27, 1997.
[Dief Icon] The Arrow myth still flies. Alberta Report, August 12, 1996.
[Dief Icon] Arrow That Doesn't Fly. Time Magazine, January 27, 1997.
[Dief Icon] Avro Arrow replica wrecked. FRANK Magazine, January 30, 1997. History repeats itself!
[Dief Icon] Letters to the Editor. The Ottawa Citizen, March 3, 1997.

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